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How to use your worksheets

A worksheet is a printed piece of paper with questions, exercises and other orderly sorted assignments. Our Basic English program has about 4000 worksheets.

The  worksheets have a certain order that helps to build your knowledge gradually, thoroughly and lasting.  Teachers can print the number of worksheets they need for a group of students. 


  Let's get started..

Make your choice on the main page and click. 

Open your worksheet and click the printer icon at the top right of your PDF document.

Now you see the printer menu. Choose 'color' or 'black & white' (grey scale). Choose the number of copies you want and start the printing.

Especially for young children, coloured sheets are more attractive and more stimulating.  However, you could save costs by printing in black and white (grey scale) for bigger groups.

If you don't have a printer, you can still study. Project the document on your device's screen and use a blank piece of paper to write.

Teachers, you can also  project the document on a big screen for bigger groups and let the students do the writing, filling in, and answering of most worksheets in their notebooks or on a blank sheet of paper.  Go online to our website and project the mother document on your screen. When your school's budget is limited you could choose for this option. However we recommend the printing option as the best.

It's easiest to print all the explanation  worksheets at the beginning of grammar subjects and put them in a plastic cover for longer use/consult.  

Most chapters have answer keys. You can find them at the end of each lesson after the last worksheet.

Are you not satisfied with your achievements yet, don't hesitate to print the sheet again and repeat it. It's the result that counts. You can reprint a sheet as many times as you want.  

Especially in groups, don't forget to use flash cards too. Children love them. If available, print them on thicker paper for repeated use.

 It's known that vocabulary needs to be repeated at least 5 times before it's memorized. 

In this Rainbow of Education concept, vocabulary is playfully and unnoticed repeated many more times. 

The worksheets are carefully and tightly structured.  

In vocabulary chapters studying is never monotonous or uneventful here but pleasant always. However, it is good to alternate vocabulary chapters with other more themed chapters or grammar regularly.

If you have any questions or remarks please let us know!

We wish you many enjoyable study or teaching sessions. 



Rainbow of Education

Ton de Corte, Editor

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