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Dear Visitor,

Languages ​​are mostly centuries old. In the course of that time, successive generations have learned from each other.

The rules came later and were summarized in books. Grammar slowly built up. 

Teachers and students learned or consulted materials made by others.

Teachers helped learners to better understand the language. These teachers had also learned from others. It was like that in the past, it’s like that now, and it will always be that way.

Rainbow of Education also learned from others.

In the past, I learned in schools, used books and methods from others to expand my knowledge. Nowadays, everything becomes easier because there is the Internet.

To be especially grammatically correct, I have often compared and consulted good methods and added my own ideas to create new worksheets that are especially easy for TEFL teachers and students.

This created a unique methodical structure of learning per subject from nothing to everything from a range of worksheets.

I often refreshed my knowledge of grammar, using for example Englisch-hilfen, a German website and other quality sources. Many sheets were first used by myself, as a teacher of Basic English in Thailand.

After my retirement, I expanded the collection and gave all sheets a better appearance.


Rainbow of Education is not a commercial website and therefore does not earn any money by selling memberships or profiting from other people’s materials.

In making this material, I sometimes had help from others who critically assessed my materials.

I bought the beautiful special school clipart in America at "Classroom Clipart".

I found other beautiful vector graphics on the website "Pixabay" which makes the material available to everyone to use, free of charge.

I made new original sentences with the help of the website: "Sentence with .." and often changed those sentences until they became unique.

I thank everybody who contributed to this website making it as popular as it is


Ton de Corte,


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