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35 mp3, listening esercises

Games, English Camp, Christmas

Phonics, Listening Audio Examples

Phonics, i, 1 - Rainbow of Education
Phonics, i, 6 - Rainbow of Education

Grade 1-6 Basic English Language Courses

Amazing Free Promotion Materials

Test Book


16 mp3, listening exercises

12 mp3, listening exercises

13 mp3, listening exercises

12 mp3, listening exercises

14 mp3, listening exercises

7 mp3, listening exercises

16 mp3, listening exercises

Daily Life related Subjects

The Alphabet

Grammar explaining PowerPoints



Daily Life related PowerPoints

Spelling, Reading, and Dictation

Our worksheets respond to the specific needs of students and teachers in the ASEAN Community. 

"The limits of my language are

the limits of my world."

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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